Diesel Dig It, Rock Walls, Builders Cleans, Site Cuts, Bobcat, Excavator & Truck Hire!!

Rock Walls

Rates & Services

Some of the Services available with us are as follows:

Rockwalls:  All our rockwalls are backfilled with gravel, have geo fabric & aggy pipe behind the wall this is all including in our $/mtr price. We also have a BSA licence for Structual Landscaping Lic #1156519

Builders Cleans: We do alot of builders cleans which consists of rubbish removal through out the building of the home, we also do levelling off of the site, removal of fill/dirt, supply of materials eg. gravel, roadbase etc.

Site Cuts: If you are building your home or are a builder we do site cuts for the proposed are of where the house is to be positioned, our experienced opperator has laser levels to make sure the site is levelled to your desire.

Truck, Bobcat & Excavator Hire: We have 4 trucks, 3 bobcats & 2 excavators, should you required any type of earthworks done we are the people to call.

Shaping & Leveling of Land: We can shape and level your land to suit your needs, we work very close with our clients to ensure we can meet their needs and so that they can get the best use out of their land.

and much, much more...... just ask!!


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